Costumes and Dresses on Stage

Thoughtful and sharp craftsmanship is a signature of Lola‘s custom made clothing service. Her years of technical development and attentiveness to the needs of stagewear costumes for live performance receive critical acclaims from notable Australian artists. 

Ricki-Lee Coulter

A Start is Born Tour 2019

A major project for Australian celebrity singer, Ricki-Lee Coulter‘s 15-year career anniversary tour, Lola crafted the dresses for Ricki’s spectacular career milestone.

Gold Sequins Dress

Silver Full Length Dress
Black Sequins Asymmetrical Dress

Australia Day 2019

Lola developed a detachable overskirt to go with Ricki-Lee Coulter‘s black dress in her Australia day 2019 live performance. The black overskirt was designed to enhance Ricki‘s black dress with a front opening on the right. Ricki sang the song, Kids, with Anthony Callae.

Ricki-Lee Coulter Live performance Australia Day 2019

Eurovision 2019 Australia Decides

Together with Melbourne based designers, Gwendolyn (for the silver trims top, and Lauren ( goddess-style headwear), Lola worked with them to develop a full crinoline to go with Kate Miller-Heidke‘s costume in Eurovision 2019: Australia Decides.

The full costume is exhibited at Museum of Brisbane.

In order to amplify the visual effects, Design Bordello, a Brisbane based production house, built an oversized stage for Kate to sing her song during the performance. This structure modeled on the crinoline of the dress.

Kate won the Eurovision 2019 Australia Decides contest with her song, Zero Gravity.

Cinema and TV

A trained craftsman in historical and custom made costumes, Lola participated in some of the most unforgettable cinema and TV productions in the early stage of her design and costume making career. Such experiences have sharpened her techniques and vision in her own creation and on demand clothing service. 

Versailles TV Series 2016

Versailles TV Show 2016 indulges the audience with 17th-century French noble historical costumes. This TV series features George Blagden as the Sun King, Louis XIV. The production brought together a pool of professionals to revive historical details in costumes, decorations, and other interior designs. Madeleine Fontaine is the costume designer in this epic series.

Versailles TV show 2016 George Blagden in golden robe and Alexander Vlahos in doublet

Historical costumes are Lola‘s passion in her career. She was delighted to be in the costume making team for the Versailles TV Show 2016 in season one and two.

Beauty and the Beast 2014

Neo Versailles

Age of Reason 2015

From the Future with Love


Highlights of Lola‘s involvement in costumes for musicals in Sydney.  

Frozen the Musical 2020

Love Never Dies Japan 2019

Cry Baby

Opera and Ballet

Paris Opera House is the cradle where Lola starts her creative journey in costume making and fashion design. As a member of the tailoring department at the Paris Opera House, she has got the opportunities to work on stage costumes for several seasons of opera and ballet productions.    

La Sylphide A Waking Dream 2017

Eliogabalo 2016

The Sleeping Beauty 2016

Platée 2015

Le Palais de Cristal 2014