Back Buttons | Vintage Button Back Dress

Vintage button back dress is ideal for silhouette with broad shoulders. It is also an indispensable clothing item for cross-dressers. The cutting and shape of this style creates a fantastic top-down balance. In this collection, Lola created several prototypes with buttons on the back. Shinny black, red, blue check pattern and lace fabrics were used to elaborate these looks.

Red Vinyl Button Back Dress

Cardigans, long dresses, knee and ankle length coats are matching categories with vintage button back style. Using a shinny color sharpens the visual effects of the item.

Black Vinyl Button Back Dress

Vintage Button Back Dress Black

Black vinyl button back dress with a belt sculptures the silhouette of the individual.

Blue Check Button Back Dress

Blue Check Button Back Vintage Dress

Blue check button back dress goes with the urban vibes, and injects dynamics of geometry and colors to the individual.

Pink Button Back Top with Lace

Pink Button Back Top with Lace is made with a slightly see through chiffon fabric, with lace decorating along the upper body.

Photos by : Jacques Viallon