Lola Clavel

Lola Clavel

A fashion and costume designer from France, Lola aspires to reinvent traditional European craftsmanship with a modern twist. She is committed to upholding the belief that women should be daring, elegant, and charismatic in their clothing. Throughout Lola’s career, she has taken part in major design and costume creation projects for live shows, musicals, cinema and TV, opera and ballet

After years of training in historical and theatrical costumes, she has developed a unique style combining stage clothing and sharp tailoring in women’s fashion. Lola’s creative universe represents a balanced blend of theatrical, cinematic, and aesthetic elements in contemporary women’s clothing. Each of her collections communicates a sense of femininity, that women can feel comfortable, delicate, and stylish in special occasions.


Lola Clavel craftsmanship

Sydney, Australia

Before Lola started her own label, she was a hand sewer in the workshop of Leah Da Gloria, a recognized Australian bridal dress designer. In fall 2018, she started her own workshop in Darlington to offer her custom-made clothing service and on-demand prototype design. Her professionalism has been recognized by her customers for bridal, theatrical, and stage needs. To date, her most notable work for Australian artists has been featured in Eurovision 2019, Australia Day 2019, A Star is Born Tour 2019, Cry-Baby, and the 2020 Disneyland musical, Frozen.

Paris, France

Prior to settling down in Sydney, Lola was part of the tailoring department in Paris Opera House. She participated in various opera and ballet productions, namely, Eliogabalo, Platée, La Sylphide, Sleeping beauty, Palais de Cristal (Symphony in C).

Besides her main duties at Garnier Opera House, Lola also worked in theatre, cinema, television, and live show with other Parisian and international production units. Some of the notable projects in which she was involved are Versailles (TV series), Beauty and the Beast 2014, The Age of Reason 2015, Neo Versailles, From the Future with Love, etc.

Craftsmanship Training

Golden Fabric

Passionate about costume design and making since she was a young child, Lola started her fashion journey as a student in art history and applied arts in Bordeaux before moving to Paris to study costume making. She has spent four years at the technical schools, La Source, and Lycée Paul Poiret to develop her costume design and making skills.  

Lola finished her last year of training as an apprentice in the tailoring department of Paris Opera House in collaboration with Association Formation Tailleur. She was then engaged in the same department to develop her career.


The Australian Radio SBS French featured Lola on their radio show in January 2021: Made-to-Order in Sydney with Lola Clavel.

The French expat media, Le Petit Journal, featured Lola’s journey from Paris to Hong Kong.